Sharjeel Sajjad

Business & Information Systems & Entrepreneurship


Sharjeel Sajjad is currently a student at DePaul University, majoring in Management Information Systems and minoring in Finance. His passion in Information Systems drives him towards establishing an IT related business.

Sharjeel Sajjad is the CEO and Founder of Modifiers, a market place that houses influencer merchandise and small businesses under one umbrella.

In order to take a step towards these goals, Sharjeel Sajjad has worked as a Business development Intern at DealRoom, a project management software for complex financial transactions.

In order to enhance his customer service experience, Sharjeel Sajjad also provides his services as the global ambassador for DePaul University. Understanding the importance of customer services and leadership is also strengthened by his role as the Lead Fitness Floor Supervisor and Building Manager at the Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Centre.

Additionally, Sharjeel Sajjad has also provided his services as a consultant to the DePaul University's Marketing team program. This program was most popularly known as the EDGE program.


"The aim of this market place revolves around catering to people’s daily wear and product needs, with a touch of fashion and simplicity. Turning it into a market place and making it unique from others was a huge task. That is when I further realized the importance of communication, not only for running a company but also for managing a team. Modifiers was my first step into the business world, the purpose behind it was to gain experience and advance into the business field. Initially, we did not make any profits and that kept the team very demotivated to work and keep pushing forward. I kept the team’s confidence up by reassuring them that we have a great business model and success is bound to come along. Today, modifiers is not only a market place but also a social movement and acts as a hub to cater to influencer merchandise." - Sharjeel Sajjad ( CEO and Founder)


"Working at DealRoom was a unique experience. One of the things I highly appreciate about DealRoom was the opportunities it had to offer. I had the complete freedom to work and come up with new ideas. These ideas were always listened to and opportunities were presented to implement them. Working with DealRoom, as their Business development Intern, provided me a great opportunity to think strategically and take ownership of the company. DealRoom made no profits for the first 5 years of its existence. This shows how businesses can struggle during their initial phases. However, if you have faith in your business model, at the right time the growth would be exponential. " - Sharjeel Sajjad

Global Ambassador

"Working as the Global Ambassador for DePaul, representing the body of international students has been really exciting. This has proved to be really helpful in enhancing my customer servicing skills. I get the pleasure to talk to all incoming international students, providing them help and advice in order to smoothen the admission process. I also attend conferences where students ask me questions and I help them through the process. Acting as a bridge between students and counsellors, as well as advising them to pursue life changing decisions has been exciting yet challenging." - Sharjeel Sajjad

Building Manager

"One of the best opportunities that has been presented to me during my time at DePaul University, is being the Building Manager at the Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Centre. Maintaining the day to day operations of a 123,000 square foot facility has been a great learning experience. Leading a team of people, conflict resolution, and the being impartial while maintaining a 10+ student staff and 1000+ patrons is in itself a great opportunity to grow. Providing my services to the Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Centre as a leader and a decision maker has been has been an exciting as well as reassuring"- Sharjeel Sajjad

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